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Are you a reader who likes a relaxing well-crafted book—one with a wholesome storyline that keeps you interested right up to the end, that doesn't contain trashy dialog and can be shared with your teenager when you're finished? If that's you, I think you'll like what I have to offer.


Paul Boyce is a retired aerospace engineer who lives in the Pacific Northwest. He is an accomplished catch-and-release fly fisherman, oarsman and cyclist.  


 The Hooks Files series teams a retired civil engineer with two precocious eleven-year-old cousins, a boy and a girl. They solve mysteries in a small western Pennsylvania community back in 1936. I've published three so far: The Hooks Files, The Hooks Files II and The Hooks Files III; and I'm working on a fourth. Each contains four fascinating mysterys. Buy all three—you’ll be glad you did. 

$18.50 ea. or $50.00 the series. Plus shipping.

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  If you like non-fiction, I’ve just released, The Call, which chronicles the experiences of a seventeen-year-old farm boy who served aboard the, USS Langley (CVL-27), during the bloody “Island Hopping” campaign of WWII. It’s a captivating read that will renew your respect for those young men and women who rose to the call to serve our nation during those perilous times. A must read.

$11.00 Plus shipping.

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Moon Shot tells the story of the Apollo lunar landing program. Much is first hand as seen through my eyes. Follow along and see how a group of dedicated people from Government, the Military and Industry were able to transform President Kennedy’s seemingly impossible challenge into a magnificent reality.

$25.00 Plus shipping.

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