The Call

The Call, records the experiences of my uncle, Dick Steinke, a teenaged sailor who served aboard the USS Langley during the famous Pacific, Island Hopping campaign of WWII. The Langley, a lightweight carrier, was in the thick of the war from January 1944 through May 1945. As you read, you will follow the life of a seventeen-year-old farm boy as he is introduced into the battle hardening realities of naval warfare. You will experience, first hand, the human side of war and be captivated by the courage and resolve of the young people who rose to its challenges. You will be given a glimpse into the strategy and tactics behind the Pacific campaign, the attacks and counterattacks, the successes and disappointments, the joy, the despair, the peril, and in the end, the victory.

Dick is now ninety-three and lives in Orlando Florida. He is active, enjoys good health and the love of family and friends.